Twin-wall corrugated PVC pipe

PVC twin wall corrugated pipe is a kind of plastic pipe with smooth inner wall and corrugated outer wall; it is a plastic made by mixing polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material and adding additives such as calcium carbonate, stabilizer, lubricant and color masterbatch in proportion.

It is a plastic pipe formed by sintering and extruding the corrugated outer wall and a smooth inner wall at the same time.

Performance characteristics of PVC double wall corrugated pipe:

(1) The pressure resistance of PVC double-wall corrugated pipe is strong. Because the outer wall has a ring-shaped corrugated structure, the annular stiffness of the pipe is greatly enhanced, thereby enhancing the resistance of the pipeline to soil loads

(2) PVC double-wall corrugated pipes are sealed with rubber rings for fast construction. Due to the light weight of the bellows, it is easy to carry and connect, and the maintenance is simple. The advantages are more obvious under the tight construction period and poor construction conditions.

(3) Low product cost. Under the condition of equal load, PVC double-wall corrugated pipe can meet the requirements only with a thinner wall. Therefore, compared with the solid wall pipe of the same specification, it can save about half of the raw materials. Compared with the PE bellows of the same quality, it can save about 30% of the material cost, so the cost of this pipe is relatively low.

(4) Appropriate bending. A certain length of PVC double-wall corrugated pipe can be slightly bent in the axial direction, which can alleviate the impact of uneven ground settlement. It can be laid on sections with poor geology, and can be directly laid in slightly uneven trenches without pipe fittings.

(5) Long service life. Under the condition that the pipe is used in the ground, the service life of the PVC double-wall corrugated pipe can reach more than 50 years.

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