Single-wall corrugated PVC drainage pipe (with or without envelope)


  • The tubes are flexible and yellow in colour. PVC drainage pipe has excellent draining characteristics and offers a complete solution. our drainage pipe can be supplied with or without perforations in various diameters. Different types of sheathing are possible. 

  • Drainage Filter Wrapping Plant

    • Our production plant wraps drainage pipes (flexible and fixed) with a filter consisting of loose fibres or preproduced mats at a speed of up to 40 m per minute. Drainage filters enhance water transportation and do not clog. Various combinations of synthetic filter materials are used depending on the soil conditions present. 
    ABvaKHAK SHAHRAB GOSTAR drainage pipes are manufactured with the diameters 100,125,160 and 200 mm. Our PVC Drainage Pipes manufactured from PVC-U raw material are transported in coils. They are used successfully in;
      • Agriculture, in the removal of unwanted water from the land
      • - Improvement works of muddy, slimy land
      • - Infrastructure of the grass sports complexes
      • - Highway verge drainage
      • - Protection of buildings and construction with water in their foundation.
      • -Soil decontamination
      • -Groundwater level control
    The life of ABvaKHAK SHAHRAB GOSTAR PVC-U Drainage Pipes which are under heavy chemical conditions is 50 years minimum. The properties are due to the very specific combination of profiling and wall thickness. The high quality of the tubing material enables a long service life of our drainage pipes. The draining properties of ABvaKHAK SHAHRAB GOSTAR tubes are excellent. The perforations are in the ridge section valley. In this way, there is a favorable inflow and the risk of silting up is low. The discharge capacity is high. ABvaKHAK SHAHRAB GOSTAR drainage pipe is supplied on rolls of large length. The number of joints is therefore limited and the pipe can be laid quickly.
    Single-wall PVC Corrugated perforated pipes are inexpensive and easy to install and offer many other benefits.
    • They're light and easy to handle when fitting. 
    • Corrugated plastic pipes are flexible. They don't need to be laid in a perfectly straight line and can even turn around corners.
    • The low cost of corrugated drainage tubing means it's ideal for draining larger areas. 
    • Their flexibility means they can cope with natural settling of the soil without cracking. 
    • They can withstand a large temperature range without splitting or cracking and can even be laid above ground if necessary.
    In some situations, a heavier-duty solution can be a better choice. 


    The life of ABvakhak PVC-U Drainage Pipes which are under heavy chemical conditions is 50 years minimum. The Drainage Pipes are manufactured in compliance with DIN 1187 norms. They are classified as rigid PVC.

    Nominal Diameter External DiameterMix. Internal Diameter Min. Coil Diameter
    100 100±0,5 91 700
    125 122,5±0,5-1 115 750
    160 155,5±0,5-1 144 1000
    200 199,5±0,5-1 182 1000

    The water entry hole width of the PVC Drainage Pipes manufactured by Fırtat Plastik

    Water Entry Holes

    Nominal Diameter Hole Area Min Hole Sizes Number of Holes per Meter Hole Surface Area per Meter cm²/m
    100 65 5x1,3 375 24,3
    125 105 5x1,3 636 41
    160 165 5x1,3 636 41
    200 260 8x1,3 545 56
    Based on project requirements , you can also order semi-perforated pipe or any other designs in perforations .

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