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ABvaKHAK Co was founded in 2005 and aimed to support governmental national projects in field of subsurface drainage. Our commitment to the drainage industry is reflected by our performance in supporting over 60% of IRANIAN national projects by manufacturing drainage pipes, Twin – Wall PVC-U corrugated pipes and fittings. Our total commitment to quality products by collaborating, transferring of latest technologies from well-known and most advanced companies in fields of plastic pipes machineries and shattering customer expectations has made ABvaKHAK the most experienced manufacturer of corrugated drainage pipes in region. Today ABvaKHAK announces a new engineered plastic pipe providing better hydraulic performance, extended service life, and reductions in installation and maintenance costs. ABvaKHAK Twin-Wall PVCU corrugated pipe’s superior strength, joint tightness and overall quality have made it a standard in the industry. More importantly, PVCU Twin-Wall Corrugated pipe has proven itself in a variety of applications, including sanitary sewers, storm sewers and subdrainage systems since 1984.

ABvaKHAK SHAHRAB GOSTAR develops and manufactures drainage envelope materials. Our product range has products for any site and any application. We can also develop a tailored filter for you. After all, every type of soil requires its own individual specifications. Voluminous filters have been applied successfully for years. This type of material replaces a layer of soil around the tube. Since voluminous filters have greater water permeability than the soil around them, this will result in much better water discharge. Because of their size, voluminous filters may contain a certain amount of soil particles. This prevents soil particles from flushing into the tubes, with all its consequences. 80% of voluminous polypropylene filters are made of recycled fibres. These raw materials undergo a standardised pre-treatment before they are processed at ABvaKHAK.
Our perforated drainage pipes are manufactured with the diameters 100-200 mm. ABvaKHAK PVC Drainage Pipes manufactured from PVC-U raw material are transported in coils. They are used successfully in; Agriculture, in the removal of unwanted water from the land - Improvement works of muddy, slimy land - Infrastructure of the grass sports complexes - Highway verge drainage - Protection of buildings and construction with water in their foundation. The life of our PVC-U Drainage Pipes which are under heavy chemical conditions is 50 years minimum. ABvaKHAK Co as IRAN leading manufacturer of special sewer and drainage pipes guarantee the ultimate quality in products and customer satisfaction.

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